Press Release – Radio Power Album


Chicago’s “THE RADIO HOUR” releases 2015 full-length album, “Radio Power.”

“The Edgar Allan Poe of independent rock.” – Blab World

“Smart, tight melodies and superior production.” – College Music Journal

Written and produced by Tim Hort
Recorded and mixed by Blaise Barton and Brian Leach


Performed by The Radio Hour
Tim Hort – lead and background vocals, guitars
Jordan Macarus – guitars
Nathan Britsch – bass
Sean Burke – drums
Joe Griffin – guitar
Andy Swindler – keyboards

Additional guitars with Brian Leach, Jeffrey Kmeiciak, and Ed Wisman; Additional B3 with Brian Leach; Additional background vocals with Jordan Macarus and Nathan Britsch; Additional recording for tracks 6 and 10 by Joe Griffin. Mastered by Blaise Barton.

Cover art concepts by Tim Hort. Original artwork by Ryan Heshka, ©2013 Ryan Heshka; originally appeared in BLAB! #17 and BLAB! #18, publisher Monte Beauchamp. Thank you Ryan and Monte. This is an enhanced CD with PDF. Booklet and digital booklet layout by Jonah Shafer. Photo by Chris Drake.

Radio Power Album Page
Radio Power Cover Art


1. Tuesday 2:18
2. World in a Da 4:49
3. Heartbreaks and Slamming Doors 2:24
4. Look for You 4:03
5. Radio Power 4:00AM 3:00
6. No Dissociation 2:16
7. Not Ready 3:31
8. Miserable Coping 2:16
9. The Killing Stone 3:54
10. Rollercoaster 2:42
11. Friday Night 2:42
12. Apart from these Tragic Stories 4:28
13. Mainstreaming 3:35

Radio Power CD

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