The Radio Hour – Remaster

The Radio Hour – Remaster

“The style is dead-on gothic… mortifying without being embarrassing (a feat only saints can usually achieve). Hort often half-swallows his words, softening the impact, while more strongly moving the blood.” – Lollipop Magazine

All songs written and produced by Tim Hort
Performed by The Radio Hour
© 2014
Genre: dark/psych. adult-album-alternative

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“The Radio Hour – Burbank, California”

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“The Radio Hour – The Killer on the Kennedy”

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“The Radio Hour – Death by Water”

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THE RADIO HOUR– REMASTER was recorded and mixed by Grammy-award winner Blaise Barton in Chicago.

“[A] mix of dreamlike musings and melancholy stories, dynamic guitars and masterful lyrics…. [W]hile obviously holding the lyrical and musical talent to write complex melodies and lyrics, Hort keeps things sparse, leaving enough room for the listener to delve deep into each word and note.” –

“Vocalist/guitarist Tim Hort’s lyrics allude to murder, suicide, and the frustrations of surviving in ‘these unspeakable times’ Hort is a strong, emotional singer.”
– Illinois Entertainer

Confessional, dramatic, dark and a few scores to settle, THE RADIO HOUR – REMASTER is surreal, pensive, gothic-influenced project. The original release for THE RADIO HOUR -REMASTER was retooled and made lush in the mastering studio and made lush by Blaise Barton for this release.


1. Death by Water – remaster 3:38
2. The Killer on the Kennedy – remaster 3:51
3. Except for a Dead-on Girl – remaster 2:40
4. Chemistry – remaster 5:00
5. Body – remaster 6:51
6. Missing from the Township – remaster 7:02
7. The Walls That Remain – remaster 2:37
8. Centrifugal – remaster 2:45
9. Burbank, California – remaster 4:17
10. Trephining – remaster 2:49
11. What About Now? – remaster 3:49
12. Four Ninety-One – remaster 1:27
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Cover art provided by Ryan Heshka and art direction by Monte Beauchamp.  PDF photo by Chris Drake.   THE RADIO HOUR – REMASTER Digital Booklet: art, lyrics and full credit listing.  © 2014/ Setter and Spider Publishing/All Rights Reserved.