Radio Power


“The Edgar Allan Poe of independent rock.” – Blab World

“Smart, tight melodies and superior production.” – College Music Journal

All songs written and produced by Tim Hort
Performed by The Radio Hour
© 2015
Genre: Independent pop nihilism

Radio Power

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“The Radio Hour – Tuesday”

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“The Radio Hour – World in a Day”

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“The Radio Hour – Rollercoaster”

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RADIO POWER was recorded by Grammy-award winners Blaise Barton and Brian Leach in Chicago.

Original melodies going everywhere from their timepiece rock influences. This is a listen-all-through album with 13 tracks, play it in your car, pretend it’s an LP. Many uses here – not all of them playful – but play it through just the same. It is straight-forward without apology, using the traditional make-up of guitars, bass, drums and keys – not heavy, but organic, unsettled and confessional. A current twist to Hort’s independent rock, pop with nihilism and some darker tracks.


1. Tuesday 2:18
2. World in a Day 4:49
3. Heartbreaks and Slamming Doors 2:24
4. Look for You 4:03
5. Radio Power 4:00AM 3:00
6. No Dissociation 2:16
7. Not Ready 3:31
8. Miserable Coping 2:16
9. The Killing Stone 3:54
10. Rollercoaster 2:42
11. Friday Night 2:42
12. Apart from these Tragic Stories 4:28
13. Mainstreaming 3:35
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Cover art provided by Ryan Heshka and art direction by Monte Beauchamp.  PDF photo by Chris Drake.  RADIO POWER Digital Booklet: art, lyrics and full credit listing.  © 2015/ Setter and Spider Publishing/All Rights Reserved.