Incidental Service

Incidental Service

“A & R PICK” – College Music Journal

“[C]ould really find its way to the top of the pops. Hort is a fine songwriter, and the band grabs the material and runs with it.” – Illinois Entertainer

All songs written and produced by Tim Hort
Performed by The Radio Hour
© 2006 & 2014
Genre: Analog-tinged rock, adult-album-alternative

Incidental Service Album Cover

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“The Radio Hour – Under the Bridge”

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“The Radio Hour – When I’m Sick and Need You”

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“The Radio Hour – Jan of Arc”

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INCIDENTAL SERVICE was recorded analog by-design at ACME, Chicago, with a bit of Pro Tools later in the re-issue.

“A solid collection of AAA pop-rock gems.” – Centerstage Chicago

“[A] celebration of solid pop songwriting. Something we should all toast, because God knows there’s not enough of it these days.” –

“[S]uperior production…a quick lesson in simple-but-effective songwriting” – CMJ New Music Magazine

“INCIDENTAL SERVICE is a collection tracks from Chicago recording stints, largely using analog tape with an LP rock production format by design; some of these tracks are also from an early release “World’s Worst Antenna,” which been given new spark through remastering, as well as favorite recording dates that resulted in singles to round out this album.”


1. Under the Bridge – remaster 4:59
2. Ordinary Year – remaster 1:15
3. When I’m Sick and Need You – remaster 2:56
4. Jan of Arc – remaster 3:50
5. Both Alone Tonight – remaster 3:30
6. Prelude to Your Entertainment 1:48
7. Rollercoaster (full band) – remaster 4:02
8. The Radio Hour – remaster 3:30
9. Granduncle – remaster 3:20
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A group of Chicago-artists was assembled for this in-studio, back-to-analog, rock album. This recording also features an inspired co-vocal by Tim Hort’s sister, Tamara Vendetta, as well djembe by Sean Burke on ‘Radio Hour; guitars by Joe, Griffin, Ed Wisman, Don Hammontree, Larry Clyman, and Richard Reeves, keys on ‘Granduncle’ by Rich Yeater and “Both Alone Tonight,” Andy Swindler and backing vocals with and John Sabaduquia. The band track ‘Rollercoaster’ was later covered, so-to-speak, by Hort and recorded live in Joe Griffin’s kitchen and later featured on the 2015 release ‘RADIO POWER.’ INCIDENTAL SERVICE artwork by Scott Jackson. Go to INCIDENTAL SERVICE: Credits, Art and Info (PDF) download on this page for photos and art, lyrics and full credit listing. Incidental Service Digital Booklet: art, lyrics and full credit listing.  © 2006 & 2014/ Setter and Spider Publishing/All Rights Reserved.