Liner Notes


Tim Hort Portrait

“The Radio Hour has a conviction all its own, still discovering the nature of pain and experience, measuring, years before judging” – Lollipop Magazine

“The Edgar Allan Poe of independent rock.” – Blab World

“Terrifically chilling” – Illinois Entertainer

“Smart, tight melodies and superior production.” – College Music Journal

“The Radio Hour,” is the songwriter moniker for Chicago-based artist Tim Hort. He has been performing live either to Chair an event he has organized as a fundraiser for local and international benefit, or he performs at venues with proceeds to a designated charity or community service – which is announced at each show.

Hort has worked closely in the studio with Grammy-award winning engineer Blaise Barton (Barton’s recording credits range from Bob Dylan, Victory Records, Local H, Liz Phair), and also Chicagoan and Grammy-award winner Brian Leach.

Hort began focusing his already dramatic, moody and emotionally charged material in a theatrical format. Hort then switched playing live, being recognized as “Best Live On-air Performances,” by 95.1FM WILL, appeared on Chicago’s Q101 and as a live performance finalist for Billboard Music/Discmakers Independent Live Music Showcase. “The Radio Hour” has scored several full theater productions including Chicago DanzThatre Ensemble as well as many other choreographed productions, voiceovers and soundscapes.

The Radio Hour’s core line-up consists of songwriter Tim Hort on vocals and guitar, with additional performances by guitarists and collaborators Joe Griffin and Jordan Macarus, Nathan Britsch on bass, Sean Burke on drums and Andy Swindler and Yeater on piano and B3.

LIVE FOR EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY: Benefit for Haiti, 137 Films, Chicago DanzeTheater Ensemble (U.S. Veterans), The Lure Children’s Hospital – Audiology, Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Democracy Now, Realty Theater’s Drug Prevention Program, and The Voice of Chicago.

The Orchard ( formerly IODA ) REPORT (DISTRIBUTION AND AIRPLAY): United States, Chicago 95.1FM WXRT, Q101, 95.1FM WIIL, United Kingdom,
 Japan, Australia, 
Ireland, Czech Republic, Denmark
, Belgium, 
Republic of Moldova
, Russia, 
and of my friends at Radio ZID in Sarajevo